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Eyvind Brynildsen: “I hope to be doing the champagne on the top of the podium!”


Eyvind Brynildsen is one of the most talented Norwegian rally drivers. His World Rally Championship debut was all the way back in 2006, when he was just 18 years old. Since then, Eyvind has improved significantly, and will look to showcase those skills in this year’s FIA European Rally Championship, including a visit to the “birthplace of wind” in Liepāja. The Norwegian spoke about the preparation process for the new season and the fast roads of Kurzeme region.

Eyvind Brynildsen ©


How did you start your rally career and what motivated you through the years?

“My career began with go-carts. I became Baltic and North European champion, competing against many drivers, including some from Latvia. I began my rally career at the age of 16, in a Volvo 740. My father is a Norwegian rally champion, so rallying was always in my plan. The feelings you get after earning a victory with your co-driver, team, and the car, are indescribable!”


Your FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) debut was in 2006, at just 18 years of age. At the moment, it is possible to compete in the Latvian Rally Championship (LRC) even before reaching this age, which is part of the reason why such well known young talents like Kalle Rovanpera, Oliver Solberg, and Mārtiņš Sesks have used LRCas a stepping stone for their rallying careers. Do you believe that other countries should follow this example and allow younger drivers compete in the national championships?

“Definitely! It is a smart move. Gaining experience at such a young age is extremely valuable. In terms of international level rallying experience, all of the aforementioned drivers were multiple years ahead of myself at the age of 18.”


You have had a very colourful career with multiple starts in WRC. What motivated you to challenge yourself by competing in the 2020 European championship?

“ERC is a great platform with a fantastic fan base. Thanks to my WRC experience, I believe that competing in the full 2020 European championship season with TokSport WRT is perfect for me.”


As I understand, you have set lofty goals for this season. What will be the main challenges in your fight for the top spots?

“We are always trying to win! Most importantly, we will need to try and avoid issues throughout the whole season – we have to be consistent throughout.”


This is one of the fastest events of the season. Do you enjoy moments when you can go flat out? 2018 serves as proof that these roads can be very unforgiving.

“I would say that the stages themselves are a bit easier than in other events. You can read the road well. Unfortunately, if you do make a mistake, it can end your event, as we experienced first-hand in 2018.”


You competed in Rally Liepāja in both 2018 and 2019. Will that help in preparation for this year’s event?

“I really enjoy this event. The special stages here match well with my driving style, and this is a fantastic country with the greatest fans on the planet!”


Have you had a chance to take in the Latvian nature and enjoy Liepāja when not competing?

“Not really. I hope to have some time for that this year – this is a nice city with a wonderful port.”


How do you like the atmosphere and organizer’s work during Rally Liepāja?

“As mentioned before, Rally Liepāja has incredible fan support. Special stages are filled with people, and this year one of them will have an opportunity to sit in the co-drivers seat during my tests on Monday. That will definitely be an unforgettable experience.”


Latvians say that Liepāja is the birthplace of wind. What weather would you prefer for this year’s event in late May?

“I am hoping for a sunny and eventful weekend! This year, I hope to be spraying champagne from the top step of the podium. I am looking forward to this event!”

©Roberts Graudiņš, Rally Liepāja


Only the first days of ticket sales, from March 10 to March 20, Rally Liepāja tickets will be sold at half price, with a full-pass ticket to all special stages costing 15.00 EUR.

Rally Liepāja tickets are available HERE.


FIA European Rally Championship round Rally Liepāja is possible thanks to the support provided by the Latvian government, rally city Liepāja, as well as the Talsi region. Thanks to our sponsors Neste, Ramirent, and SC Grupa, our car rental partner Sixt, as well as supporters Canon Business Center – IB Serviss, Liepājas Olimpiskais Centrs, Pafbet, and Swecon. Informative support is provided by DELFI and media partners JCDecaux Latvija, Kurzemes Vārds, Sporta Avīze, Talsu Vēstis, and Zebra. The event would also not be possible without the involvement of all Rally Liepāja friends: Baltic Taxi, Flora, FN Serviss, Fristads, Jānis Pūce, Latvijas Pārtikas Ražotājs, Lofbergs, MB Grupa, Meža Dārzs, Red Bull, SignTech, Sportland, and Törley. Rally Liepāja is taking place with the support of Aizpute, Durbe, and Priekule regions. A special thank you goes out to the Latvian Automobile Federation.


Eyvind Brynildsen, Rally Liepāja 2018 ©


Eyvind Brynildsen, Rally Liepāja 2018 ©


Eyvind Brynildsen, Rally Liepāja 2018 ©


Eyvind Brynildsen, Rally Liepāja 2019 ©


Eyvind Brynildsen, Rally Liepāja 2019 ©