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Due to various restrictions and regulations, please read the latest information if you visit Rally Liepāja as a competitor.


Accreditation process (including LRC crews from Latvia):

•  competitor fills in the application for the rally

•  after confirmation of participation, two form forms are sent to the team manager / competitor:

TEAM FORM, in which information must be filled by team manager. The form includes questions about each team member who will attend the rally (including crew, team management, technical staff, etc.). The form must be returned to the organiser by 08.08.2020. Form available HERE.

PARTICIPANT FORM – to be filled by each member of the staff who is mentioned in the teams form and when filled, it must be handed over to the team manager, who forwards this forms the organiser by 08.08.2020. Form available HERE.

•   if  the forms will not be filled in by the entire team, the rally organiser may not grant rally accreditation (passes) to the specific crew;

•   if  any of the team member have been in country or is traveling through the country (including transit), which is published on the website of the Latvian Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (, and is in subject to special precautionary and restrictive measures, for those persons the organiser will send ARRIVAL FORM, and  special rules will be subject to person. Available HERE.


The organizers of Rally Liepāja asks you to be understanding, as also in this case – safety – always first!

In case of questions, please contact Rally Liepāja organiser RA Events – e-mail