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A list published on the website of The Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, is evaluated every two weeks, and restrictive measures are estimated once a week, every Friday.

In RED or YELLOW are listed countries where the 14-day cumulative number of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 population exceeds 16, which means that all persons traveling from these countries must observe self-isolation for 14 days.

Mandatory 14-day self-isolation also must be observed:

•   if arriving from countries that are not listed;

•   if travelling in transit in any of the countries in the list;

•   if person have visited any of the countries on the list during the last 14 days.


According to Latvian Cabinet regulation number 360, “Epidemiological Safety Measures for the Containment of the Spread of COVID-19 Infection” Section 37, Clause 10, FOLLOWING SPECIAL RULES AND PROTOCOL, ATHLETES AND SPORTS PERSONELL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO ENTER LATVIA WITHOUT 14 DAYS SELF-ISOLATION. MORE INFORMATION HERE.


Be sure to read this:

Before entering Latvia, please, take a look at guidelines created by Latvian Centre for Disease Prevention and Control HERE and HERE.


Riga International Airport:

Attention! According to the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers, until August 22, 2020 regular passenger flights are not allowed to Luxembourg, Spain, Romania, Malta, Andorra, Monaco, Belgium, San Marino, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Sweden, France, Iceland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Portugal, Denmark, Australia and countries outside the European Union that are not on the European Commission's list of safe countries!

When arriving from these countries, as well as Poland, Croatia, Cyprus, Austria, Greece, Ireland and the United Kingdom, it is mandatory to observe 14 days of self-isolation! (as of August 15, 2020)

Please, read the information from Riga International Airport HERE.


List of countries (as of August 14, 2020):