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Official title of the rally is "Rally Liepāja".

Whenever covering the event, please, use the official title of the rally.



The COVID-19 regulations for Rally Liepāja have been updated (4 August). Please follow this link for more information:

I must make it clear that media are not exempt from the 14-day self-isolation period mandated by the Latvian government.

That means if you are from a country on the red or amber list, or pass through a country on the red or amber list to reach Latvia, then you will be required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Unfortunately, this means it will not be possible for those people to attend Rally Liepāja.

Please note the list of countries on the red or amber list is updated every Friday afternoon, which means the list of countries can change.

For example, a country might appear as white now but by Friday might be red. Or a country might be red now but white on Friday. The list comes into force as soon as it is published so if your country’s status is white on Friday 7 August and you intend to travel to Latvia, remember if you decide to travel on 14 August, it could be that your country’s status has changed to red and you won’t be able to.


Other media related changes to normal procedure

Media accreditation

You will be able to receive your media credentials at Ticket Exchange Point.

•  Liepāja – Ticket exchange point No.1, next to Liepaja Olympic Centre, Brīvības Street 39

•  Talsi – Ticket exchange point No.2, Kandava


Media Centre

No access for media.

There will be no media centre operating during Rally Liepāja. Visiting media are strongly encouraged to work from their place of accommodation at the end of each day for the duration of the rally.


Service Park

No access for media.

According to rules, guidelines, and recommendations by the FIA, National Press Officer is allowed to distribute Priority media passes to selected key media allowing access to Service Park.


Press Conferences

No access for media.

Pre-event and Post-event press conferences will be streamed online (FIA ERC or Rally Liepāja social media channels), and media is invited to send questions via:

•   e-mail:

•   Whatsapp: +371 26557801


Start Position Selection

No access for media.

Start Position Selection will be streamed online (FIA ERC or Rally Liepāja social media channels).


Closing points

For those media who are allowed and will attend, you are asked to follow all the rules and recommendations onsite as well as any changes to be published before and during the rally.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during these difficult times and ever-changing situation.

Let me know, if you have any questions.


Let us have a safe rally!


Jānis Unbedahts

National Press Officer

+371 2655 7801